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Public Economics and Finance

Teaching Public Economics with Special Reference to Australian and US Culture
Peter Abelson
Forthcoming in the Australian Economic Review, 2019.

An Analysis of Value Capture Instruments
Peter Abelson
Prepared for Workshop on “Federal Relations and Tax Reform”. University of Adelaide. August 28-29, 2017

The Optimal Size of Local Government with Special Reference to New South Wales
Peter Abelson
Applied Economics,
, A Journal of Policy Analysis and Reform, 23, 1, 31-46, 2016

The Size of Local Government in a Three-Tier Federal Government System with Special Reference to New South Wales, Australia
Peter Abelson1
Applied Economics,
The Governance of Local Communities
, 259-276 Nova Science Publishers, New York, 2016

Smoke and Mirrors: Fallacies in the NSW Government’s Views on Local Government Financial Capacity
Peter Abelson and Roselyne Joyeux
Applied Economics, 2015

Review of Implementation of the Nation Building and Jobs Plan in NSW and Potential Applications for Other Projects
Dr Neil Shepherd AM and Dr Peter Abelson,
4cast Consulting Pty Ltd, Applied Economics Pty Ltd, October 2010

Australia’s Federal Future
Anne Twomey and Glenn Withers
Applied Economics. A report for the Council for the Australian Federation, April 2007

Can Distance Be Defeated?
Glenn Withers
Published in I. Marsh (ed), Competing From A Distance, Melbourne: CEDA, 2007.

Local Government Taxes and Charges
Peter Abelson
Applied Economics, 2006

Pricing Public Services
Peter Abelson
Department of Economics, Macquarie University

National public broadcasting benefit
Marion Powall and Glenn Withers
Applied Economics, A report commissioned by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. 20 April 2000

Guidelines for the review of regulation of the professions under national competition policy
Professor Glenn Withers and Ms Marion Powall
COAG Committee on Regulatory Reform 1999

Selected References

Community Value Survey: Key Findings, Melbourne: Public Interest Journalism Initiative.
Withers, G. 2019.

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Future Directions for Income Contingent Loan Theory
Glenn Withers,
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Income Contingent Loans for Business Innovation
Glenn Withers,
in Stiglitz, J. Chapman, B. and Higgins, T. (eds), Income Contingent Loans: Theory, Practice and Prospects, Palgrave Macmillan with N.Gupta 2015.

Estimating the Revenue Raising Capacity of the States and Territories and the Implications for the Equitable Distribution of GST
Abelson, P.
‘Revenue’Economic Papers, 30, 1-12, 2011.

Public Broadcasting
Withers, G.,
in R. Towse (ed) A Handbook of Cultural Economics, 2E, Edward Elgar, with K. Alford, 2011

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Glenn Withers, A. Denniss and M. Yuan
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Community Attitudes to Income Contingent Loans
Glenn Withers and T. Higgins
Australian Journal of Labour Economics, 12(2), 2009.

The economic and social contribution of the zoological industry in Australia
V. Beri and A. Tranent
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