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Infrastructure: Transport and Energy

The Wider Economic Benefits of Transport Infrastructure: A Review
Peter Abelson
Working Paper ITLS-WP-19-10, Institute of Transport and Logistic Studies, University of Sydney, 2019.

Setting Efficient Public Transport Fares when Roads are Under-Priced
Peter Abelson
Applied Economics, June 2014

The High Costs of Taxi Regulation with Special Reference to Sydney
Peter Abelson
Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Sydney*
, A Journal of Policy Analysis and Reform, 17, 73-94, 2010

The Wider Economic Impacts of Transport Infrastructure
Peter Abelson
Department of Economics, University of Sydney, 2009

Financing transport infrastructure: Public finance issues
Peter Abelson
Macquarie University, 2004

Audit of Economic Models for Aviation, Tourism and the Australian Economy
Applied Economics in association with the Sustainable Tourism CRC’s Centre for Tourism Economics and Policy Research
Prepared for the Australian Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources, April 2006

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