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Cost-benefit-Analysis & Project Evaluation

A Partial Review of Seven Jurisdictional Guidelines for Cost-Benefit Analysis
Peter Abelson
Paper presented to the Australian Economics Conference, July 2019.

Choosing the Social Discount Rate for Australia
Peter Abelson and Tim Dalton1
Applied Economics, 2018

The Treatment of Value Uplift in Cost-Benefit Analysis
Peter Abelson
Applied Economics. Prepared for Infrastructure Australia, June 2016

Cost-Benefit Evaluation of Mining Projects
Peter Abelson*
Applied Economics and NSW Treasury (part-time). 2015

Forecasting in Cost-Benefit Studies
Peter Abelson
Applied Economics. Paper prepared for Economic Society of Australia, NSW Branch. Cost-Benefit Forum, 14 October 2015.

Evaluating Major Events and Avoiding the Mercantilist Fallacy
Peter Abelson
Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Sydney, 2011

Estimating the value of undergrounding electricity and telecommunications networks
Ben McNaira,* and Peter Abelsonb
Australian Economic Review, vol. 43, no. 4, pp. 376-388, 2010.

Establishing Monetary Values for Lives and Life Years Saved
Peter Abelson
Applied Economics and Department of Economics, Sydney University, 2008

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Adult and Community Education in New South Wales
Dr. Peter Abelson
Applied Economics. Prepared for the NSW Board of Adult and Community Education, January 2007

2005 Australian Formula One Grand Prix: Cost-Benefit Analysis for the State of Victoria
Applied Economics
Prepared for Auditor-General Victoria, September 2006

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Proposed New Health Warnings on Tobacco Products
Applied Economics
Report Prepared for Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing, December 2003

Valuing the Public Benefits of Heritage Listing of Commercial Buildings
Applied Economics
Prepared for the New South Wales Heritage Office, November 2000

PowerPoint Presentation

Cost Benefit Analysis Forum: Issues & Challenges
Peter Abelson
Applied Economics | NSW Treasury
paper presented at One-Day Conference on Cost-Benefit Analysis,
Economic Society of Australia (NSW Branch), July 2014

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