Public Economics and Policy


Public Interest Journalism Initiative
Community Value of Public Interest Journalism Project

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Fair Work Commission Four Yearly Review of Modern Awards: Expert Report,

Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Provided quarterly forecasts of demand for Australian passports

Commonwealth Government Cabinet, per Department of Finance and Deregulation
Strategic Review of Workforce Policies and Programs: Report (Cabinet -in- Confidence).

Infrastructure Australia
Report on the application of value uplift in cost-benefit evaluations.
Peer review paper on social discount rate.
On-going advice on the real social discount rate.

Institute of Public Administration (and other clients)
Regular two-day workshops on “Cost-Benefit Analysis” and one-day workshops on “Economics for Non-Economists”.

Jobs for NSW
Review of methodology for provision of grants and loans by Jobs for NSW.

NSW Treasury
Cost-benefit analysis of mining projects.
Advised major revision of cost-benefit analysis guide.
Reports on value capture instruments and property transfer duties.
Report on developing values for use in CBA studies for NSW Treasury.
Review economics of sporting stadiums.

University of NSW Unisearch : Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors
Report on Casual and Part-time Employment in case before the Fair Work Commission.

Victorian Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources.
Report on discount rates for public sector projects.
Assessment of industry development schemes and policies.

Private clients
Cost-benefit workshops.
Reviews of Reports on privatization of land valuations for commercial operations.
Review of cost-based charges of public fire services for putting out a fire on board a major freight ship.


Australian Local Government Association
Report on Local Government in Australian: Role, Finance and Taxation

Australasian Regional Association of Zoological Parks and Aquaria
Study of economic and social contribution of the zoological industry in Australia

Australian Research Council
Advice on survey questionnaire for universities

Barangaroo Delivery Authority
Business Case for Treatment of Declared Remediation Site on the Barangaroo Project Site

Certified Practising Accountants (CPA) Australia
Paper on market for accountants and immigration regulations

Economic Society of Australia
Review of Rankings of Economic Journals and Preparation of Submissions to Australian Research Council

Infrastructure NSW
Advice on economic evaluation of major cultural venues

Institute of Public Administration and other agencies
Numerous workshops “Cost-Benefit Analysis with Case Studies”

Motor Accidents Authority
Competition Review for the NSW compulsory third party (CTP) insurance scheme for NSW

NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet
Review of Implementation of Nation Building and Jobs Plan in NSW

NSW Motor Accidents Authority
Insurer Business Practices, Risk Pooling and Benchmark Rates of Return for CTP Insurers

NSW Motor Accidents Authority
Financial Model of Insurer’s Business in a CTP insurance market

NSW Treasury
Economics of mining and coal seam gas projects
Review of Proposed Vocational Education and Training Entitlement

NSW Treasury
Submission to IPART Inquiry into Revenue Framework for Local Government

NSW Treasury
Report on development of Perisher Village in the Kosciusko National Park

Productivity Commission
Review of Local Government Revenue Raising Capacity

Tafe Directors Association
Economic Modelling of Vocational Education and Training.

University of Canberra
University Strategic Plan, 2012-2017; 

Universities Australia
Economic Aspects of Higher Education Policies

Before 2008

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Benchmarking the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Operations, relative to commercial and overseas public broadcasters.

Australian Heritage Commission
Report on Valuing the Public Benefits of Heritage Listing of Commercial Buildings.

Australian Department of Finance and Administration
Handbook of Cost Benefit Analysis (new edition republished January 2006).

Australian Department of Industry, Tourism and Natural Resources
Report on economic models for use in evaluating aviation policy and tourism.

Auditor-General, Victoria
Cost-benefit analysis of Formula One Grand Prix

Business Council of Australia
Report on education and employment for Australian youth for the .

Business Council of Australia
Micro-economic reform progress, population policy and future directions of the economy, commissioned works. Download one of the reports.

Chifley Research Centre
Report on options for enhancing immigration's contribution to regional Australiia, prepared. (PDF 442Kb)

COAG Committee on Regulatory Reform
Guidelines for the review of regulation of the professions under national competition policy

Dusseldorp Skills Forum
Report on benefits of Year 12 education and training and early employment.
Published by the Forum under the title Realising Australia’s Commitment to Young People: Scope, Benefits, Cost, Evaluation and Implementation, November 2002.

Economic Planning Unit of the Department of the Prime Minister, Malaysia
Formulation of a Human Resource Development Masterplan for Malaysia (with the Graduate School of Management, Macquarie University).

Housing Industries Association
Analysis of Immigration Reform Options for submission to Government .

Housing Industries Association
Options for Review of Local Planning Regulation under Competition Policy Principles.

Independent Inquiry into Local Government in NSW
Preparation of papers on local government taxes and revenues.

NSW Zoological Parks Board
Report on economic impacts of zoos

National Economic Action Council, Office of the Prime Minister, Malaysia
Impact of foreign workers on the Malaysian economy for the .

NSW Premier's Department
Review of Accrual Budgeting Procedures in the UK.

NSW Treasury
Provision of training courses in Public Finance .

NSW Department of Information, Technology and Management
NSW Cabinet Paper on Access and Pricing Policy for Government Information.

NSW Board of Adult and Community Education
Economic evaluation of adult and community education. 

NSW Department of Information, Technology and Management
Report on Regulation of Land Surveyors with regard to National Competition Policy.

NSW Local Councils
Financial Analysis of Proposed Amalgamation.

Society of Certified Practicing Accountants
Report on the Impact of Possible Taxation Changes on House Prices.

Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission, the Victorian Department of Infrastructure and the Economic Society of Australia, NSW Branch
Workshops on cost-benefit analysis .